Seabed moved 24 meters near Japan quake's focus in Pacific

The seabed near the focus of a devastating earthquake that struck northeastern Japan last month has moved about 24 meters east-southeast and risen about 3 meters, a Japan Coast Guard survey showed Wednesday.

The crustal movement on the seabed, measured around 130 kilometers off the Oshika Peninsula in Miyagi Prefecture, was more than four times the movement of the peninsula itself -- east-southeast by 5.3 meters -- which was measured by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.

The survey also showed a point about 40 km toward the coast from the focus of the March 11 maginitude-9.0 quake has moved about 15 meters east-southeast, according to the officials.

source: Kyodo news


  1. Perfect place to dump suitably encapsulated nuclear waste (vitrified pellets embedded in concrete, in stainless steel canisters). Let it be dragged under a subduction zone, into the Earth's mantle.

  2. For that isnt necessary a new earthquake?

  3. Yes, and it will happen far sooner than anything would be leaked from such waste, as it's currently packaged. The concern with such waste has always been what happens tens of thousands of years from now. Well, a ride down into the Earths mantle on a subducting plate will take it on a journey far longer than the radioactive life of the waste.

  4. it can get worse if a new big quake hits...