Keeping an eye on Rocks above: Asteroid 2004 RQ252 will hit us?

Some people are worried about asteroid 2004 RQ252. They fear that can impact Earth on his next approach.

Bellow its NEO JPL table where it figures Asteroid 2004 RQ252 and data on its fly-by on April 13Th, 2013, and where it can be confirmed that it wont hit our planet.

The Asteroid 2004 RQ252 has a size between 90m to 210 meters.

Miss Distance (LD,AU) : The most likely (Nominal) and minimum possible (Minimum) miss distances are given in LD (Lunar Distance) and AU ( Astronomical Distance)
(LD)  Lunar Distance: 1.0 LD is about 3.84x10^5 km or 0.00257 AU (the average distance between the Earth and the Moon).

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