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CIA Cover-up Alleged in JFK's 'Secret UFO Inquiry' 

A story that combines UFO cover-ups with the assassination of John F. Kennedy is a gold mine for conspiracy theorists. And that's just what author William Lester says he uncovered while conducting research for a new book on Kennedy: a memo written by JFK and addressed to the CIA in which the president requests confidential information about UFOs.


Tiny “dead alien” from Siberia is an internet hit but its Fake 

A video of what was claimed to be a mutilated alien corpse, which scored hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube, has turned out to be fake.
The tiny “dead alien” is just skin from chicken filled with bread, reports the website Police questioned the men who claimed to have found the “body” and they allegedly confessed to creating it themselves. 

The chief editor of the local Kabansk-Info newspaper initially thought that it was the body of an infant in the video and alerted the police.  Officers immediately started the investigation and identified the alleged author.   

They went to his house and asked him about the infant’s body.  The scared man reportedly showed a fake alien corpse.  It was even painted in “alien colors”.  Scolding is the only possible punishment for such a stunt as it cannot be considered a crime, the report says.

The footage was taken near the village of Kamensk in the Russian republic Buryatia, just north of Lake Baikal, the file’s description said.
It showed what appeared to be a humanoid body less than a meter high with a skeletal big-eyed head and thin naked body. One of its legs was missing.
Emotional off-screen comments said the body was found a couple of hours before and was clearly very dead.

Local media reported there were numerous reports of UFO sightings in the area in March, some of them later attributed to bombing training at a nearby military range.

The video was uploaded on YouTube on April 14. Three days later it was translated into English and its popularity skyrocketed in the following days. It beat the one million benchmark on Tuesday.

Source: RT NEWS

Are We Alone? 

DID fishes warn Japanese people before the earthquake?

A week before the earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, an omen washed up on its beaches. The appearance of the oarfish, a ribbon-like, deep sea fish has long been perceived as a warning that seismic activity is on the way. This fish has become a feature of speculation as to whether they can be used to predict an incoming earthquake.

An 1860 drawing of an oarfish
There are many news reports that speculate on the issue, as well as impressive photos of this critter, which can reach lengths in excess of 50 feet.
The important message here is that so little is known about the habits, breeding, biology, and ecology of these fishes – and deep water species in general. It is difficult to say what they are reacting to – small tremors signaling a larger quake to come, poisonous gases released by shifting tectonic plates or perhaps water temperatures affected by subtle movements in these plates. So little is known about deep water fish species due to the difficulty involved in studying them in their natural environment. They do not survive long (or act erratically/unusually) in shallow water, making it difficult to glean anything about their behavior based on these shallow water sightings. Their natural environment, depths below 1000 feet, is the place to study them, only possibly by using submersible or Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) but these tools are very expensive and not very numerous.

It is estimated that we have only described about a quarter to half of the species in the deep oceans. Who knows what lives down there and what sort of interactions they have with their deep water environment, as well as what sort of future events they may be able to sense before we know anything about them?
It is also interesting that local folklore (dismissed or ignored by many in the scientific community) says that these fish appearing in shallow water signal not only an earthquake, but also a good catch! These two are likely related in that tremors or earthquakes will scare or force deep water fish into the shallows.

A secret FBI memo reveal that police and army officers witnessed a UFO exploding over Utah

The 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico A declassified document from 1949 tells how three men, on patrols miles apart, each reported seeing a UFO break up over mountains north of Salt Lake City.
The 1950 memo that recounts the discovery of flying saucers and aliens in New Mexico
Their extraordinary accounts were sent to Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI, in a memo titled "Flying Discs".
The memo is one of thousands of previously unreleased classified files that the bureau has made public in a new online resource called The Vault. more

China Twelfth Five-Year Plan may add Alien contact


March, 2011 (China Military News cited from Xinhua)

China's most popular science fiction writer Liu Cixin has suggested adding alien affairs policy research to the country's Twelfth Five-Year Plan, adopted during the annual parliamentary session which ended here Monday.
"The suggestion might seem far out there, but an alien spaceship might hover right over us over any time soon," said Liu Cixin, 47-year-old electrical engineer and China's top sci-fi writer, who lives in the remote city of Yangquan in north China's Shanxi Province.

"At that time, everything we are worried about, including housing prices, food prices, medical treatment and education, will take a back seat," Liu told Xinhua.
"China, as a strong country with a long history, is playing an increasingly important role in international affairs, thus, China should take its corresponding responsibilities in interstellar affairs between the beings on earth and other planets," Liu said.

Liu created a survival of the fittest theory for sentient beings across the universe, which he called "Dark Forest," in his latest trilogy "Three Bodies."
In "Three Bodies," humans hopeful of finding aliens send signals into outer space with information about Earth and its location, which proves disastrous for the human race.

So far, it seems that no official statement has been issued to guide interstellar affairs, and no governmental department has been appointed to deal with such affairs, Liu said.
"With advances in science and technology, extraterrestial life might be found any time soon," he said.
Liu mentioned that the world's largest single-aperture telescope FAST had been under construction since December 2008 in a remote county of Pingtang in southwest China's Guizhou Province and will be completed in 2014. The telescope will be able to probe dark matter, dark energy, black holes as well as look for extraterrestial life.

"The project drastically increases the possibility of finding aliens. When completed, shall we simply gather information from the universe, or shall we send signals to tell aliens where we are?" he asked.
"If we really find aliens, which department shall we report to? The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the military departments, or some other department?"
Liu suggested to open up a new field of scientific research under the Twelfth Five-Year PLan titled "Investigations of Extraterrestrial Life," which would demand a combination of astronomy, life sciences, sociology and international politics.

There was no need to invest a huge amount of money initially to develop it, he said.


Russia funds search for cities smote by God

From RT News

Russian and Jordanian archaeologists have joined to investigate the possible location of the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah, the cities which, according to the Bible, were destroyed by the Lord with brimstone and fire for the sins of their people.

An unnamed Russian company has agreed to sponsor the expedition in exchange for exclusive rights for filming it and producing a documentary about the search, Jordanian and Israeli press report.

The exact location of the legendary cities are not known, although they must have been somewhere near the Dead Sea. Possible scenarios for their destruction, along with the lesser-known biblical “cities of the plain” Admah, Zeboim and Bela, include a powerful earthquake and a catastrophic meteorite impact.

Zia Madani, Jordanian head of the project, says resent satellite images made by NASA point show some ruins underwater, which may be remains of Sodom and Gomorrah. He adds that Israel tried to investigate them, but Jordanian authorities blocked the search on their territory.

Now a Russian company, which has equipment for underwater operations designed to resist the high salinity of the Dead Sea, will conduct the archaeological research together with the Jordanian side.

Israeli media speculate that the move may be aimed at attracting tourists to Jordan. Israel claims to have the ruins of Sodom and Gomorrah on its own territory, on the south-eastern bank of the Dead Sea.

The beings have repeated their efforts in the US and have been active since 1948, the men said, and accused the respective governments of trying to keep the information secret.
The unlikely claims were compiled by six former US airmen and another member of the military who interviewed or researched the evidence of 120 ex-military personnel.
The information they have collected suggests that aliens could have landed on Earth as recently as seven years ago.