Godspeed SpaceX

I was worried yesterday , i had a bad night sleep, after i saw the news on Mr. Elon Musk ambitions to Mars.

Honestly my first reaction was , science is not for playboys and  he is planning to invade mars, we are not sure 100% there is no life there !

Then i went to bed and i remembered Asimov , Arthur C Clarke, Sagan and many others and today i'm at peace again.

I'm sure this project of going to Mars will take in consideration many philosophical , religious , social , scientific and economical aspects of such

Mars should be, must be the next step in our path to evolve as a species.
We will be on earth , i hope, for many thousands of years, but it's time to start
thinking that one day we will need to leave home, as we do on our normal lives today.

Elon Musk said , and i think it's clear to anyone , that it's going to be difficult and dangerous the road ahead, but the true is, someone has to give that step
and dream on a time that dreams are most needed.

SpaceX has shown that dreams can be made real.

However i still have some issues on this matter. The timeline set by Mr.Elon Musk seems too short and ambitious. Probably the moon should be considered
as platform to reach farther desinations, also making thinks faster can result in mistakes , that in this case , my cause people to die.

As for the destination, i'm sure all considerations about the importance of whether there is life or not on Mars will be taken in account before the first boot sets on the marcian soil. Putting people on Mars with the intent to colonize make it mandatory that we are sure that no life, even microbial , exists on Mars.

I'm aware that Earth life may already reached Mars result of asteroids impact 
but still is important to be sure.

As for cooperation, NASA and other space agencies , are very important for SpaceX goals, and fundamental to get there. They're history of Mars exploration are important to avoid mistakes necessary to avoid. They're technical knowledge will be of most importance on achieving good results.

I hope, after a night of nightmares , that Space X and Mr.Elon Musk succeed on this fantastic endeavor, Godspeed !