Iran To Put Monkey Into Orbit

Iran Explorer-4 Rocket.

Iran plans to launch a monkey into space in mid-September, the ISNA news agency said on 20th April , citing Iranian Space Agency head Hamid Fazeli, quoted by RIA Novosti. 

"Explorer 4 was test launched on March 16 without a bio life capsule. We simulated a dull instead of a real monkey in a way that it will have the same conditions regarding mass, equipment and dimensions at the time of launch,"  -the head of Iranian Space Agency (ISA) Hamid Fazeli.

"The test launch aimed at making sure of carrier and capsule systems and sub-systems and fortunately it brought good results. We had a successful test ahead of launch of the bio life capsule."
The monkey will be sent into orbit in a capsule carried by the Kavoshgar-4 (or Explorer-4), rocket.

Iran announced an ambitious space program in the mid-2000s. The country launched the Kavoshgar 1 rocket into space in February 2008.

The Kavoshgar 2 rocket, carrying a space lab and a restoration system, was launched in November 2008.
In February 2010, the Kavoshgar 3 rocket reportedly carried a test capsule with a rat, a turtle and worms into space.

Western powers suspect Iran of using its space program to develop ballistic missiles. Iran denies the allegations.

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