Prophecy of earthquake takes hundreds to flee Rome

The prophecy is based on the alleged predictions Bendandi Raffaele, a self-taught scientist and astronomer (died 1979) who discovered four new planets 99 years ago and who was also interested in seismography.
Raffaele Bendandi (Faenza, October 17, 1893 – Faenza, November 3, 1979) was an Italian pseudo scientist. During the Fascist period was appointed Knight of the Order of the Crown of Italy. Later he was forbidden from Mussolini to publish forecasts on earthquakes, otherwise it would have been sent into exile. His theory is based on the fact that the Moon as the other planets of the solar system, including the Sun, are the cause of the movements of the earth’s crust.

Though experts ensure that there is nothing to fear, Civil Protection has not stopped getting calls from people panicking at the prospect of the prophecy come true.

The numbers are not official yet, but estimates suggest that 15 to 20 percent of employees missing work and that many shops and offices remain closed during the day.

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