The current asteroids at level One in Torino Scale

The Torino Scale is a "Richter Scale" for categorizing the Earth impact hazard associated with newly discovered asteroids and comets. It is intended to serve as a communication tool for astronomers and the public to assess the seriousness of predictions of close encounters by asteroids and comets during the 21st century.

The Torino Scale utilizes numbers that range from 0 to 10, where 0 indicates an object has a zero or negligibly small chance of collision with the Earth. (Zero is also used to categorize any object that is too small to penetrate the Earth's atmosphere intact, in the event that a collision does occur.) A 10 indicates that a collision is certain, and the impacting object is so large that it is capable of precipitating a global climatic disaster.

Presently there are two asteroids with Level 1 on Torino Scale, the 130 meter Asteroid 2007 VK184 and 140 meter Asteroid 2011 AG5. There are currently 4 potential Earth impacts for 2007 VK184 and
10 potential Earth impacts for 2011 AG5.

 The Earth impact probabilites are 1 in 2940 , on June 2048 , regarding 2007 VK184 and 1 in 3740, for 2011 AG5 on February 2040. 

These are still very low probabilities, but high enough to bump them up to Torino 1.

As usual the team at JPL expects to eliminate all of these potential impacts as they get more
observations of these asteroids, in which case they will be then removed from the Risk page.

More information click for 2011 AG5  and 2007 VK184 


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