The cruel reallity of Japan disaster


A 4 year old girl writes a letter to the missing mom after the tsunami.
«Dear Mother. I hope you are alive. Are you ok?»

Manami Kon waits for her fathers and younger sister missing since Japan disaster.

Shizue , her grandmother,wants Manami to stay at her house due to the fear of aftershocks.

But the girl will not agree, saying: "I'll wait here [in Chikei] until Mom comes home."

Cell phones are not yet working in this area. "Will Papa call me?" Manami asks, holding tight to her father's silver cell phone, with the power turned on.

05 th April

According to Kyodo News agency the family is trying to provide the best possible care for the girl, the mother, father and sister are still amoung the missing.
(photo: Yomiuri Shimbun, Norikazu Tateishi /AP)

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  1. This is the sadest photo if seen for a long time. god bless that child.