Life Before Earth? Is life ET?

Scientists Richard Gordon and Alexei Sharov have suggested that if the rate of increase in the complexity of biological systems in the course of evolutionary history followed Moore's Law then life existed before the Earth was formed.
Moore's Law posits that the complexity of computers increases exponentially at a rate of about double the transistors per integrated circuit every two years.
Theoretical calculations based on Moore's Law yield results that coincide with the invention of the first microchips in the 1960s.
Geneticist Richard Gordon of Gulf Specimen Marine Laboratory in Florida and Alexei Sharov of the National Institute on Aging in Baltimore, basing their calculations on the premise that genetic complexity of living systems double every 376 million years, projected the origin of life back to almost 10 billion years ago. Geologists believe the age of the Earth is about 4.5 billion years. If Gordon and Sharov's projections based on Moore's law have any valid basis, it means that life is older than the Earth by 5.5 billion years.
This leads to the suggestion that life arose elsewhere in the universe and migrated to the Earth after it was formed.

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