Unidentified Sunken Object: Probably Not Alien

Credit: Ocean Explorer/Peter Lindberg
A team of Swedish researchers has found what some are calling a UFO under about 300 feet of water between Finland and Sweden. According to a piece in the Vancouver Sun,

There are plenty of theories about what the USO (unidentified sunken object) might be. Lindberg offered a "new Stonehenge," though some suspect it's a natural formation, such as the rim of a small underground volcano, which certainly create a very round, prominent ring.

Others see clear evidence that the object, whatever it is, is too perfectly round to be anything but man-made. Of course, one of the most popular - and most outlandish - theory is that it's a crashed extraterrestrial spacecraft.

Yet there's another theory: the USO is neither an extraterrestrial craft nor a natural feature but instead a rotating gun turret from a World War II era battleship.

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