Sun becoming very active

The Sun popped off no less than five coronal mass ejections over three-days (July 19-22, 2011). While none of them appeared very strong, they do suggest that the level of solar activity is increasing...
Today th 27th July , several CME were detected.

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory is monitoring two big sunspot groups now emerging over the sun's eastern limb.

Sunspot 1260 and 1261. Click to enlarge. Credit : SOHO

The leading sunspot group, AR1260, is crackling with M- and C-class solar flares among a quartet of Earth-sized cores. Not far behind, sunspot AR1261 is larger and may harbor energy for flares of its own. At the moment, these two sunspot groups are too far off disk-center to affect Earth, but this will change in the next days.

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