Remains of an Old Civilization in Mars?

Last week was on several news was talked about the possible discovery of a possible  Alien Base on Mars, well, the conclusion is that was a glitch result of a cosmic ray hit camera's image sensor.

But is it possible that something from a past alien civilization is there waiting to be discovered?
In the internet specially in Youtube there are several people that believe to have found such evidence.

On the bottom left a rock with strange features. Credit : NASA

Some say that rocks have strange shapes, that aren't from natural formation.
But what do we know about Mars? Well, Mars has winds, and winds can originate strange rock formations , we even have them on Earth .

Mars also had a strong geological activity in the past, some features can also result from it ,and liquid water, that seems to have been available in the
past , is the best natural phenomena to create by erosion some interesting features.

 Mars strange rocks . Click here to original

Since man observed the red planet for the first time our imagination has created many things there even enemies, unfortunately, almost every one were result of  shadows illusion that made us see familiar objects, most probably because we wanted to see.

First there were channels, then there was a face and today a series of
non-confirmed objects or remains.

Mars can have indeed surprises hidden, its possible that we may find life , past or present on the planet , but microbe life . Even small, it would be a giant discovery.

On Earth The Indian Head. Credit: Ranger Rick magazine (National Wildlife Federation) / Leen van der Slik - Earth Scenes

Such a finding would make us feel less lonely in the vast Cosmos. We are anxious for that, and that may be the reason to see sometimes things that aren't there.


  1. Mars is where our race is from we moved here once we made mars uninhabitable

    1. And it looks as if we're about to do it all over again: this time Earth!

  2. Maybe a large asteroid or meator collided with Mars destroying its atmosphere. Over time contact with space removed traces of civilization. Mars is a warmer planet that the Earth as Venus is cooler that the Earth. We are in the right spot for life to exist. The other two planets may have had life once in the distant past.